Oleksandr Bryndikov “Woodcut”


Venue: Lviv, 26, Virmenska str.

Date: 2015-06-09 - 2015-07-05

«As far as I remember, I was always fond of printmaking techniques. I’ve started with copies of gravures of past centuries, and then my own prints, inspired by folk Ukrainian art, appeared. Popular Christian themes - icons of St. Nicholas, St. George, St. Paraskeva, Intercession of the Virgin, the Archangel Michael, etc. were reproduced by folk artists with simple forms, generously decorated. It seems like nothing more than the line and the spot, but, actually, limitations of the means of expression make gravure the perfect image itself. I am combining folk engravings with woodblock printing on textiles, in this way, I hope to breathe in new life into old and unjustly forgotten techniques».



Oleksandr Bryndikov