Pyrig. Imperishable Relics of Botanic Saints

Author: Marjan Pyrig

Venue: Virmenska str., 26

Date: 2019-07-02 - 2019-08-11

The exhibition presents an investigation into the spiritual dimension of the botanic universe, pages from an encyclopedia of sacred sacraments of plants, a window into archaic cosmogony, which did not yet create dependence of sacred from a human… Reverse path to the state of Primeval grain, mystical course of events in the kingdom of flora.
Between the sacred world of human and the one of plants exists only illusive similarity and metaphorical translation. Hence allusions to biblical texts, religious attributes, ceremonies and rituals.
If the exposition space of the first exhibition part did symbolise a hallway of the temple where pages of the codex of Chronics of Botanic Saints were kept, then the second part carries us over to the underground temple — crypt, where Imperishable Relics of Botanic Saints are preserved.
Therefore in the crypt will be exhibited sarcophagi, sanctuaries, altars, and glass arks, in which relics, such as Saint grain and Saint branch, are stored, since the world of plants in its size reaches extraordinary variety. And for a deeper understanding of the imperishable beauty of botanic microcosm, some optic elements will be useful, becoming an allusion of close contact with invisible.
The metaphorical architectural complex of Sacred Herbarium is concluded with a Bell Tower, which is symbolised by audio part of the project — "Chants and Sermons of Botanic Saints", which will be presented at the opening of the exhibition and henceforth will be a musical accompaniment during the exposition.