Kateryna Kuziv. Filled by the Holy Spirit

Author: Kateryna Kuziv

Venue: Virmenska str., 26

Date: 2019-08-13 - 2019-09-08

Every time a person wants to fetch true and life-giving water, they look for a spring. And when they finally find it, they draw from it with joy and willingly share their happiness with others. This iconographical cycle, “Filled by the Holy Spirit”, is an attempt to rediscover the inspiration, which for the present day Church is the first generation of Christ's disciples. It is an expression of our identity as a community of believers, rooted in a genuine love for the Savior and, finally, a declaration of our belief that the Holy Spirit is still faithful to the Father's Church.

These icons are worthy to be seen as the Revelation of Truth about ourselves as contemporary disciples of the Teacher from Nazareth, who ask difficult questions about our own identity. Are we ready for martyrdom today? Will we find the bravery for personal conversion? Are we declaring by our lives the True Gospel? Are we in a dialogue with the world?

The cycle also speaks of what is the true Church (created on the foundations of the Apostles and awaiting the Second Coming of the Pascal Lamb) and what is the source of its power - an uncompromising faith in God. 

The subject of the first five icons is taken from the pages of  The Acts of the Apostles: Stephen before the Sanhedrin (6:8-7:60), the conversion of Paul the Apostle (9:1-9:30), the Council of Jerusalem (15:1-15:35), the Aeropagus sermon (17:16-17:34), and Paul speaking to the Ephesian Elders (20:17-20:38); The sixth icon is based on the traditional account of the death of Saint Peter and the last, taken from The Book of Revelation (10:1-10:11). 

The main scene of each icon, depicted according to tradition, gradually spreads into the next one, which in its own way develops and illuminates the central theme.

Let the reading of the Word, inscribed here in lines and colors, become for each visitor the adventure of encountering the Body of Christ, which here and now saves humanity. 


- Father Cyprian, Benedictine from Sampor in Slovakia.