Sophia Suliy

Author: Sophia Suliy

Venue: Virmenska str., 26

Date: 2020-10-13 - 2020-11-08

A human cultivates the Garden in herself, catching the echo of the once lost Paradise, each time experiencing the elevation of awareness of purpose and process and the disappointment of the impossibility of achieving perfection. Trying to put inner desires into words, she marvels at their beauty and meaning, while at the same time becoming irritated by the limited capacity of human language to convey what words cannot express. Seeking the fire of the Spirit of God, she lights a glow that enlightens the heart and mind, and then meets the fiery sword at the entrance to Paradise again and burns the dry grass in August. 

The inner conflict of our own inferiority and hubris, along with the desire to experience something heavenly and pure, through awareness of our divine nature and experience of love, forces us to do terrible and beautiful things: destroy the Garden and flee from it – and then rebuild it and love like never before.