Hlafira Shcherbak In God the blossom of human

Author: Hlafira Shcherbak

Venue: Virmenska str., 26

Date: 2020-11-10 - 2020-12-06

The road under olives and the home which is wholeheartedly loved and cherished is my kingdom. The road is an action and choice and home – is a safe space for vulnerable contemplation in His blessing.

And the Lord comes into the home. He is the new language, the shore, the main essence, he takes the hand and leads to the embodiment. He accepts those who don`t know when they can now. But who will blame the cedar for it is still the seed or sprout, for not growing up properly? His job is to grow, nevertheless. Sundry experiences and rising cedar forest that smells like birds on a windy day. The sun becomes a blessing; the halo becomes an aureole of the dust of zeal and ardency for the glory of God.

What else is there besides the halo of those who are busy working? Diversity. Each icon of this exhibition is about love in a different incarnation, a further revelation. They are about the love of freedom and discipline; of spirituality that elevates a person, and of the compassion that swaddles wounded flesh.

And if the Lord encourages us by space to cooperate, if by collaborating we become one and whole, needing everyone, enriching everyone, if He has locked us in His love, how can we resist Him and not grow, not flourish?

You can visit the exhibition from November 10 until December 6, 2020 in Contemporary sacred art gallery "ICONART" at 26 Virmenska Str., Lviv, Ukraine from 12 pm - 6 pm every day except Monday.