Ostap Lozynsky De Anima

Author: Ostap Lozynsky

Venue: Virmenska 26

Date: 2021-09-03 - 2021-10-03


We all have it. We all talk about it, think about it, but we don't really know anything…

When and where does it appear? Where does it fly, how much does it weigh?

In this project, I tried to contemplate these questions. Of course, I do not have the answers, I do not know what the soul looks like, but I sincerely believe that our souls have a purpose, and in our earthly life, we​​have, despite all interpretations and misreadings, to do everything so that our SOUL can ascend.

Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, and Jung try to find answers, embody the soul or, conversely, dilute the coexistence of soul and body. In ordinary life, we actually identify our bodies with our souls.

Different religions and different teachings interpret this concept radically differently. In dharmic religions, karma is an important concept, depending on which a person's fate in rebirth is determined. The goal is to achieve a state of enlightenment, the merging of the human soul with the worlds`, interrupting the cycle of rebirth of samsara, while Buddhism rejects the belief in the individual human soul.

Abrahamic religions are characterized by a belief in the afterlife, where the human soul enters after death, and the purpose of a righteous life is salvation. There are possible options to answer how the soul is born: the soul is created directly by God, the soul passes to the child from the parents, and the soul has always existed, even before birth, and at birth inhabited the child.

Taoists believe that man has two different types of souls: Hun and Po. When a person dies, one of them leaves the body, and the other remains in it.

In the Bible, the word "soul" is translated by the Jewish word "Nefesh" [?פנ]  and the Greek word "psyche" [ψυχή]. When talking about the "soul", Christianity means the intangible or spiritual part of the human being, which is experiencing the death of the physical body. Others understand her as a vital principle. Most Christians believe that after the resurrection, the deceased souls of the saved reunite with the bodies.

Kabbalah teaches that the soul is conceived as a spiritual essence that originates in a higher mind or global soul and arises as an emanation of the latter. Ascension of the soul in the body is determined by its nature: it must connect to the body so that, having completed its purpose in earthly life, it returns to the world of pure light - God.


You can visit the exhibition from September 3 until October 3, 2021 in the contemporary sacred art gallery "ICONART" at 26 Virmenska Str., Lviv, Ukraine from 12 pm - 6 pm every day except Monday.