Oleksandr Antonyuk "God offers human not to be just an observer, but an active participant in His plans."

The opening of the exhibit "Seven Seals" by Oleksandr Antonyuk coincided with the quarantine restrictions and lockdown instalment. Because of this, instead of the author's excursion, we had to find a way to talk a little bit more with Oleksandr about the symbolism of the Book of Revelations and the interpretation of the text. We hope you enjoy this reading!


Between aesthetics and fetishism

Nowadays a creative work of sacral art hovers in weightlessness between the two definitions - between a magic amulet of folk piety and a valuable object for art galleries.


About icon

An icon should not be viewed as a picture, or exact historical recreation of the fact, for the icon represents the inner content and meaning, rather than an event or a person itself.


“ICONART” Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery

For many centuries spirituality and European culture have coexisted and complemented each other, however, today we live in a time of their total separation - contemporary culture, both high and popular, very often leaves behind the concept of spirituality, in the same way spirituality, and in a broader sense religiousness as well, does not take into account contemporary forms of culture and art.