Ulana Nyshchuk

was born in 1984 in Lviv, Ukraine.


2004 - graduated from Lviv College of Applied Art named after I. Trush.(Department of Industrial graphs) 

2010 - graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts (Department of Monumental Painting).

Personal interests:

easel, monumental and sacred paintings

philosophy of art, the study of ethnic culture

Artistic priorities:

associative properties of artistic image anthropocentric tendencies in art, synthesis of ancient and modern.

Personal Exhibitions:

2007 - Gallery A-hause «Gutsuliya», Kyiv;

2008 –  k-f Atmosphere "Coming Summer", Lviv;

2009 –  k-f Centaur project «Рtafka, Lviv;

2010 – "Birds", Lancut Poland;

Major exhibitions:

2001. 2004. 2005. 2006. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. - Lviv Autumn Salon. Lviv

2005 - Exhibition "Yetyud" MO "Dzyga". Lviv

2006 - Ukrainian exhibition "Youth". Kyiv

2006 - International Art Competition "Lviv 750". Lions. 1st Prize.

2007 - Exhibition "Torso" MO "Dzyga". Lviv

2007 - Exhibition "Lviv encaustic" National Museum in Lviv. A. Sheptytsky. Lviv

2008 - photo project'' Torso'' museum ideas.Lviv.

2010 - exhibition "Beauty and the drama of the human body" Lviv Palace of Arts, Lviv.

2011-2012-2013  art project "from Roman to Jordan," Lviv

2012 - exhibition "Temptation" coffee "yarnya" Old Walls "Serbian 5

2012-  exhibition "Transition" ICONART GALLERY

Personal credo:

To love as you was never betray. To work as if you do not need the money. To dance as if no one sees you. To sing as if no one hears you. To live as if you live in paradise...