Yaroslava Tkachuk

Was born in Kolomyia in 1981. 


2000 – graduated from Kosiv College of Applied and Decorative Art, department of Art Textile.

2008 – graduated from Lviv National Academy of Art, department of Art Textile.

from 2013 – a member of the National Artist Union of Ukraine.


Exhibitions and projects: 

2002 – International Biennale “Scythia”, Kherson (Ukraine)

2004 – “The textile rage”, Lviv (Ukraine)

2004-2005 – “Schmiede Weihnachten”, Ybbsitz (Austria)

2006 – “La Myestra de Teryel” International Festival, Teruel (Spain)

2006 – “ArcheNytkaNovo” International Symposium of Art Textile (the first prize from Ukraine), Lviv (Ukraine)

2006 – “Ukrainian Easter”, Munich (Germany)

2006-2008 – “The ornamental blacksmith” International exhibition, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

2006 – “Textiles” V International exhibition-biennale, Lviv (Ukraine)

2007 – The second All-Ukrainian Triennale of Art Textile (the first prize), Kyiv (Ukraine)

2009 – “Piano four hands” personal exhibition, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

2009 – “Mamai’s dreams” personal exhibition, National Historic-Architectural Reserve “Kamianets”, Kamianets-Podilskyi (Ukraine)

2009 – “Ukraine in the eyes of youth”, Athens (Greece)

2010 – “Mamai’s dreams” personal exhibition, Gallery “LvivArt”, Lviv (Ukraine)

2010 – “As birds” personal exhibition, Gallery “The Artist” of Kyiv’s organization of National Artist Union of Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2010 – “Venus in furs” personal exhibition, Lviv (Ukraine)

2010-2014 – co-organizer and participant in Christmas project “From Roman to Jordan”, Lviv (Ukraine)

2011 – Personal exhibition, Centre of Ukrainian Culture and Art, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2012 – “In the distance of a breath. A kiss” personal exhibition, Art Gallery “Green Sofa”, Lviv (Ukraine)

2013 – the Fourth All-Ukrainian Triennale of Art Textile, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2014 – “Dreams about Ukraine” personal exhibition, Gallery “Bastion”, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

2014 – “Under protection of the Virgin Mary” group exhibition, Art Gallery “Green Sofa”, Lviv (Ukraine)

2015 – “Myrrhbearers” personal exhibition, Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery Iconart, Lviv (Ukraine)

2015 – “Icon Art: Visions of a World Unseen” group exhibition of Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery Iconart in the Ukrainian Institute of America, New York (USA)

2015 – “Horizon. Heaven doors” personal exhibition in the frame of Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery Iconart project EXODUS/EXIT, Lviv (Ukraine)

2016 – “Kobiety rysowane nicią” (Women painted with thread), Gallery “A”, Lodz (Poland)

2016 – 15 International Triennale  of Textile, Lodz (Poland)

2016 – “On water” personal exhibition, Gallery “Bastion”, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)