Lyuba Yatskiv

was born on June 28, 1977 in Lviv, Ukraine.


1991 - 1996  - Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art named after I. Trush, Department of Textile Art.

1996 - 2002 – Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Sacral Art.

Since 2002 – Lecturer at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Sacral Art.

Personal interests:

Painting, icon-painting, the inner world of man.

Artistic priorities:

The modern vision of ancient art plasticity.

Major creative works:

A series of icons for the St. Faith, Hope, Love, and Sophia Chapel in Kotsiubynske, Kyiv region.

2003 – icons of the iconostasis for the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin of the Krekhiv Monastery of the Order of St. Basil the Great.

2008 – icons of the Sovereign tier for the St. John the Baptist Chapel in Lviv.

2009 – icons of the iconostasis for the St. Andrew Church in Dobromyl, Lviv region.

Participated in numerous exhibitions, including the Autumn Saloon, Visiting Shevchenko’s Places.

Personal credo:

A search for spirituality in art forms.

About me:

For me the most interesting in icon-painting aesthetics is the dynamic plasticity of drawing.

I would never start working with the prepared, predefined concept. It is a line of drawing that is prompting the development of a certain image; one only needs to listen to it, feeling its vivid motion, and subtle plastic nuances.

This notwithstanding, I work within the iconographic canon, though I never know what the outcome will look like.