Oleksandr Bryndikow

Was born on January 15, 1983, in Horodok, Khmelnytsky region (Ukraine).

2004-2010 – Lviv National Art Academy; field of studies: monumental and decorative art; professor – Mr. Maksymenko.

2000-2003 – State College of decorative and applied arts named after Kassian in Kosiv; field of studies: monumental and decorative painting.

2007 – project “Torso,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2008 – photo-project “Munich Torso,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2009 – art project “Looking at Icon” in the frames of the project “After Christmas” in the cooperation with the workshop of the song (Ukraine)
2010 – project “FORMAT” (show of the diploma’s projects of the Monumental and Decorative Art Department), Lviv (Ukraine)
2013-2017 – participator in the project “From Roman to Jordan,” Lviv-Kyiv-Chernivtsi (Ukraine)
2014 – exhibition "Imposing color. People's tradition in contemporary icon painting ", Lviv (Ukraine)
2014 – a foundation of the “Wood-cut workshop.”
2015 – common project “The image of the Victory,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2015 – International exhibition of the contemporary sacred art, Museum of the folklore culture, Lublin (Poland)
2015 – Contemporary sacred art gallery “Iconart” project “Visions of a World Unseen,” Ukrainian Institute in the USA, New York (USA)
2015 – personal show “Woodcut,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2016 – common exhibition “Exist,” Contemporary sacred art gallery “Iconart,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2016 – common exhibition “Looking for sacred” (Ukraine)
2017 – exhibition project of the iconography project “Sources” (Ukraine-Poland)
2017 – common exhibition “#AboutGraphics,” Lutsk (Ukraine)
2017 – participation in the project “Folk woodcut in the art collection,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2017-2018 – participation in the show “Silent Night,” Contemporary sacred art gallery “Iconart,” Lviv (Ukraine)

Truth is somewhere nearby

About me:
I do what I love, and I love what I do.