Natalya Rusetska

The icon hides a secret of the unknown. Icon-painting is the process of interpretation, based on the read, seen, or your own feelings. Everything that surrounds may urge to create a new work

Yuriy Smol'skyy

I’m trying to find my form and theme in art. For me, the classic is everything that finished in the time of modernism. The sacred topic in the painting motivates me not only to react to the surrounding world but to ask the questions and find the answers as well.    


Yaroslava Tkachuk

Her motto: Art is an inseparable part of our lives - one that gives us freedom.

Favorite artistic means and individual style of the artist is metal in the tissue and  experiments with texture, so it's hard to imagine a particular image without it. Is also refined selection of images and stories. Archetypal thinking artist isolates images, giving her work sacrality. Works include a deep connection with the national tradition.

Ulyana Tomkevych

Painting the icon is the special conversation with the Lord and also with oneself. The silent pray, that gives me the feeling of inner peace and harmony.

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