Kost' Markovych

Малюючи ікону, постійно нагадую собі, що вона в першу чергу призначена для молитви, тому утримуюся від надто суб’єктивного трактування образу, а намагаюся надати їй якнайбільшої м’якості й теплоти.  

Mykola Molchan

Art, which is based on a person. It differs from anthropocentrism for the Man is a controversial creature. Unfortunately the man is not always the center or the highest order of the Universe.

Studio “Heaven on Earth”

The icon is sometimes thought to have nothing new, existing simply for aid in the repetition of canons. In fact, the canon doesn’t limit but inspires one to seek out and accomplish something new in the name of God. To sense what the icon is destined for, we must engage ourselves in great spiritual work – turn to God.

Ulana Nyshchuk

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