Venue: Contemporary sacred art gallery "Iconart"

Date: 2018-04-13 - 2018-05-06

To take a picture with eyes, to remember it by heart. Times to times to experience it again and again – to experience the emotion, which was gotten accidentally, spontaneously, and possibly – was specially presented by someone.

Moments – the images, events, spaces, which around us are, but which perceive by everyone in different ways, because of everyone experience it in an unusual way. Someone pasts the house and doesn’t notice it, but someone will like the house and all the time will remember, how was walking past it for the first time – moment was crashed in the memory. Someone will never have recognized the road and the trees both sides, but for someone, these trees will transform in the symbols and signs, and the drive in the image of the traveling or transience of life.

Thus, Moments – the show of the artworks, which represent my impressions of the daily “moments,” and which were creating some emotion and leaving a sense of visual pleasure.

Olya Kravchenko