Kateryna Kuziv. Holy Day


Venue: Contemporary sacred art gallery "Iconart"

Date: 2018-08-28 - 2018-09-23


From the moment of creation of the world and division of Light from Darkness DAY is the earthly criterion of time, that limit and eventual is. However, with it exist eternity and timelessness. In the concept of the Kateryna Kuziv’s show “Holy Day,” this is HOLINESS in the form of one or few days, which in their nature are HOLIES, or that is to say OTHERS. Here is going on Liturgy and Liturgical circle, and the attempt to show the eternal in the temporal, the effort to portray the Image of God, who appeared to the human for the sake of their rescue. So, the artist visualized the series of the religious holidays. 

With the idea to skip the didactic of the images: timeliness, historicity, steadfastness – are using the abstraction and minimalism. The lightweight and transparency in every piece were made by blue-white colors with textured shadows of gray inclusions, and the clarity & visibility – by the particular lines drawings. Color and lines combine. In the blue-white-gray color scheme, we do notice an emphasis on the image of the Virgin Mary, who is dressed in traditional red colors. In the concept of the exhibition, the combination of these colors represents an idea of the purification of human nature from sin and the triumph of eternal life.

Viktoriia Vaslavska-Panas