Andrzej A. Widelski


Venue: Contemporary sacred art gallery "Iconart"

Date: 2018-10-23 - 2018-11-04

Andrzej A. Widelski has reached over 40 individual exhibitions and about 120 group expositions including painting and graphic. He arranged several own projects in sacral buildings.

Exhibition among others: State Museum in Majdanek Lublin, art galleries in Kraków, Katowice, Warszawa, Opole, Gdańsk, Lublin, also – Belgium and Ukraine.

Study: The Art Institute at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland. Fine art degree painting in Professor Marian Stelmasiks studio in 1982. In 2000 he gained the grant of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for painting programme, which was inspired by the Book of Revelation. He was a curator and an organizer of competition Painting and Sculpture - Autograph in Lublin, and co-organized local prize Angelus in Lublin and he projected its statue. In 2006 made the project Bruno Schulz's epitaph and its unveiling took place during II International Bruno Schulz Festival in Drohobych.


The work of Andrzej A. Widelski is a record of raising energies – from the concrete and utilitarian sacrum towards the sacrum gradually becoming more and more sublime, the sacrum which loses its concreteness in favor of imaginational spiritual dimension. It applies both to painting and graphics; however, the intense presence of color in his painting creates new, diversified coloristic harmonizations. Gentle qualitative intricacies create evocative impressions of space. The work of Widelski locates itself in a field of the contemporary art which is not governed by the competition of forms, but rather by the rivalrous thoughts and sense since the former has become a mere race of ideas of very differentiated and, infrequently, dubious quality.

The spiritual dimension of the artist’s work moves towards good, but it is constantly threatened by the presence, and potential intrusion, of the forces of evil, the forces of darkness and blackness. It creates the absorbing situation of suspense, a dynamic situation in which, constantly, something happens or may happen – a constant presence of something disturbing is at play. As far as the imaginational evocations are concerned, the work of Andrzej A. Widelski positions itself in the upper registers of figurativeness; it tends towards melting within the layer of allusive suggestions. “Structured of light” is a very apt expression here – since the light, as well as space implied, are the essential creative factors. Nonetheless, this luminosity locates itself in the areas of silveriness, with the simultaneous rejection of gold. That is an autonomous decision of the artist, who employs the notion of silveriness to give expression to Eden and its inherent qualities. The creative process of the artist revolves around the emergence of images from the depth of the psyche and the crystallization of this phenomenon.

Wojciech Skrodzki, art critic
Warsaw, 2014