Ostap Lozynsky "The Way"



Date: 2014-04-08 - 2014-05-04

April 8, 2014 at 18:00 Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery ICONART invites You to the opening of Ostap Lozynsky art-project "The Way." The artist is already well-known master of icon-painting. He easily creates not only traditional Christian images (Mary Mother of God Hodygetria, Christ Pantocrator, Emmanuel, The Nativity of Jesus Christ… besides that, icons on glass, folk icons), but also often presents his own visionary projects based on Ukrainian art of the twentieth century and the Medieval Galician iconography (the project "Image and Likeness", participation in projects "Perekhid" (Transition), "Mandry" (Journey), 10 x 10 " sto wIkon Lvova" (one hundred windowds of Lviv), "Khlib" (bread), etc.). This time, at the period when the Christian people are anticipating of the Passions of Christ and His Bright Resurrection, when we emotionally and spiritually are preparing for preeminent Christian Feast, the artist offers us an unusual pictorial experience of Great Lent.  Aside from usual iconography of the Last Supper, The Betrayal of Judas, the Execution of Christ, Crucifixion, how a symbol can reveal a phenomenon?  How a color may convey tension? How a composition can express confusion? How a form can bring peace? Art-project of Ostap Lozynsky "The Way" offers you some answers to this questions, immersing the viewer in the sacred space of painting.




Marichka Tsymbalista