Olya Kravchenko "The World"



Date: 2014-05-06 - 2014-06-01

The exhibition will represent a collection of the artist's interpretations on the important stories from the Old and New Testaments that create the foundation of the Christian cosmology. These works lead us from heavenly status and later disobedience of Adam and Eve through the punishment with the Great Flood and the reunion with God to the birth of the Son of God - the New Adam and His life-giving death on the cross. The history of creation and salvation of the world is finalized with images of saint martyrs of the Church, including Saint George - patron of the city and also the patron of the opening of the exhibition, which will take place on his memory day in the church calendar.

You can visit the exhibition of paintings by Olya Kravchenko from 6 May to 1 June in the Contemporary sacred art Gallery "ICONART" at 26 Virmenska Str., Lviv, 79008, Ukraine from 12am - 7 pm every day except Monday.