Date: 2014-07-29 - 2014-08-24

Sophisticated coloring, natural stylization, delicate painting of details give weightlessness to works of Natalya Rusets’ka, very pointful in scenes of sacred subjects. Once having tried different techniques and technologies she has returned to classic, tested for centuries, egg yolk tempera that gives matchless opportunities for an artist who likes to work gently and carefully.

Graphic restrained compositions with philosophical-theological content, gilt glimmer, shining color transparence, skillfully written microscopic images – all this create the allusion of the medieval manuscripts and make reference to famous miniaturists of Gothic and Renaissance epoch.

Also, it is impossible to catch any sign of eclectics in her works, only pure and distinguished style of the artist that has come through good school, has mastered the secrets of the ancient masters, has reconsidered the experience of previous centuries and, having created her own modern form of image-making, with confidence has taken place in contemporary sacral Ukrainian art.

It is necessary to point on one more important moment regarding the works of Natalya Rusets’ka. Her works have huge positive intrinsic supply, what is felt at spiritual level. This is that deep entity, without which the art, and especially on sacral thematic, even with the most perfect technical qualities, with the most interesting intellectual subjects, with the newest composition elaborations would simply lose any sense.

This is that creativity, which helps not to get lost in chaos of contemporary life and gives peacemaking harmony to the point of view tired from sharp contrasts of nowadays.

Tetyana Duman