Unfading flower. Folk tradition in modern iconography


Venue: Lviv, 26 Virmenska str.

Date: 2014-08-29 - 2014-09-21

Gallery of contemporary sacred art ICONART invites to the exhibition of icons of Uliana Nyshchuk-Borysyak, Olexander Bryndikov, Roman Zilinko and Ostap Lozynsky united by the theme of folk icon.


Blossom of Ukrainian folk culture is an icon of its bloomed crosses, smiling martyrs, Jesus Christ – the child, St. Nicholas – the Father, Almighty Intercession, all-conquering George and all the saints flowered in roses, suns, bright colors. Simple man with his emotional and naive faith in God - Kindness, Love, Life, inspired by traditional church culture for centuries created vivid images in people's engraving, house icon on the board,   on canvas, on glass... People felt the need of such images because they became visible saint witnesses of the birth, matrimony, death, listened to innermost request, protected from evil, filled home with bright beauty of God's world. 

Despite the fact that simple man today rarely expresses his religious feelings through brush or chisel, and people are less likely to feel the need in their culture, there is an environment and masters where the folk icon is not only the subject of study or history, but of living art, joy, spiritual feelings.

Olexander Bryndikov turned to graphic art and revives the samples of the folk engraving (Wood Carvings) - from cliche manufacture to finished, often colored, imprint. Roman Zilinko creates icons, chapels, crucifixions, shopkas where he treats with the same care and attention both the image -  clean open faces, artfully stylized garments and attributes, and additional details - frames, shapes, decorative background, the crown of the Virgin, the mitra of St. Nicholas. Ostap Lozynsky explores in the icon on the board and images on glass the boundaries between professional experience and intuitive naive painting of autodidacts. Uliana Nyshchuk-Borysyak immerses in folk culture, extracting from its ??own experiences of emotional and living form, color, image ...

Marichka Tsymbalista