Venue: Lviv, 26 Virmenska str.

Date: 2014-09-23 - 2014-10-19

Concept idea: Oksana Romaniv-Triska

Implementation: Oksana Romaniv-Triska, Andriy Kis'

Photo: Andriy Kis'

Cyclic character of nature of the contemporary art is manifested primarily in looking round that is why sometimes the nostalgia for the past is the impetus for positive development in future. Currently modern loses to past - THEY are wrapped around romance and remain MAJESTIC AND ETERNAL, and WE astonish by MISUNDERSTANDING and ABUSE.

Windows with the same name exhibition in the gallery Iconart demonstrate historical and symbolic link with the past. And the same frames and everything that is in them - those are saved remains, some value categories that we have lost or are losing now. Expression "values - this is our action when no one sees" uncovers our essential deformation filled with INDIFFERENCE.

The "Windows" project exhibits dismantled window frames of old Lviv buildings designed in the form of pictures. There are memorial sculpture photos put under glass of turnover. For enhanced expression they are strengthened by painted frames.

The idea of this presentation is historically justified - in the XIX century, with the emergence of affordable glass the similar method was used for design of religious images. Graphic printings put under glass and frame them, and for a diversity the glass was ornamentalized from turnover and was partially colored. Thus there were created inexpensive reproduced icons designed for homes.

The "Windows" project is a nostalgia for the past, and at the same time - a view into the future ... It is a picky contemporary look that hopes to see through ancient glass a perspective of own history...

Oksana Romaniv-Triska


Oksana Romaniv-Triska - born 1963 in Lviv. 1982 - graduated Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art named after I. Trush. 1984-1989 - studied at the Art Academy in Vilnius, Lithuania, specialty Stained Glass (Studio prof. Stoshkusa). Since 1991 she draws on the glass. Since 2003 - member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, painting section. 2006-2009 - post-graduate studies in the specialty "Decorative and applied Art". 2009 - defended the Candidate thesis on "The People's icon on the glass of the second half of the XVIII-XIX century: the European context." Since 2009 - a research associate at the Institute of Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences, Department of Folk Art. Research European folk icons on glass. Since 1993 she participates in exhibitions in Munich and Weiler A Algoy (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania), in Berhtegaden, Bad Tölz, Bad Wiessee, Freilassing, Gmund am Tegernsee, Kufstein (Austria), Kyiv and Lviv (Ukraine)

Andriy Kis' - born on November 4, 1972 in the village Holhochi Berezhany (now Pidhaitsi) district, Ternopil region. He studied at the Kosiv College of Folk Art Crafts in the "Wood Art Processing" department (1987-1990) and at the Lviv Academy of Printing in the "Graphic" department (1990-1996).  He works as a designer of printing publications and is an author of art decoration of a number of series books, "Ukrainian Folk Art" and "Private Collection" in particular. Andriy Kis' also is the co-author (with Andriy Sodomora and Markian Dombrovskyi) of the book "ANNO DOMINI. AD" (" Pyramida" publishing, Lviv 2008) and the author of the album "Tears and Stone. Passages by Old Cemeteries of Galicia" ("Pyramida" publishing, Lviv 2012).