Yaroslava Tkachuk "Myrrhbearers"


Venue: Lviv, 26 Virmenska Str.

Date: 2015-02-10 - 2015-03-08

Biblical women - Myrrhbearers are a symbol of resilience and fortitude of faith. They carried his great faith, unwavering loyalty, compassion, mercy and love. The word Myrrh In Ukrainian consonant to the word Peace – Myronosytsi - Myrrhbearers - women who bring a peace  - a world without war,  and associated with a woman who creates peace and gives life. For centuries, woman, mother, grandmother, sister, sweetheart is symbol of caring, dedication, compassion and kindness. There is not disappeared loyalty and love in the world. The things that woman creates are not only material it is like a small miracle – because how we can touch a comfort, or how we can measure the sense of security and peace in mother’s hands? It does not matter. But it is extremely important to protect and expand the territory of warmth and comfort, love and peace. /Yaroslava Tkachuk/