Venue: Lviv, 26, Virmenska str.

Date: 2015-10-31 - 2015-11-22

The concept of creative works of Natalya Rusetska is simple and perfect in its simplicity. Her art language is light and confident, without loud claims or fundamental negations. She does not try to impress with epatage, does not break forms, does not invent revolutionary interpretation of sacral topics nor new social purpose of iconography, does not try to impress with external décor nor with bright signs of folk colour. Nevertheless, she totally goes deep into the search for spiritual truth that she intuitively catches in simple and calm manifestations of life. It is something similar how Prophet Elias recognized true God in kind blow of the wind after storm and earthquake.





The artist knows what she says and does not use extra expressions or higher tones. Only an exact line, laconic composition and light pure colour in the perfect technical performance that underline mature and confident mastery. She as if rejects everything material in her creative works. One will not find dense backing of color, bright open colors or realistic volumes that would give sense of the surrounding world in her works. Her depicted figures have elite subtlety and weightlessness. Even totally material things such as crosses on the slopes of triangle conventionalized hill or bread and wine during Last Supper look levitating. The tenderness of images gives them power that is even more spiritual, it provokes an observer for meditative prayer mood. And, it seems the prayer with those images will be lighter than the air and organic and understandable like breathing. 

Natalya Rusetska’s creation is the search for true sanctity; it is what always remains vivid, what cannot annoy, what cannot be denied. This sanctity cannot remain unnoticed because it does not kick up a row, does not make a noise, does not scream but becomes etched into the soul of everyone who will have observed it by the power of simple truth, peace and calmness what is indeed indispensable food for soul.

Tetyana Duman