Venue: Lviv, Virmenska str., 35 (Dzyga Gallery) / 26 (Iconart Gallery)

Date: 2015-12-17 - 2016-01-09

EXODUS/EXIT is an attempt to rethink sacred art within the context of contemporary culture.  EXIT is a dynamic concept; therefore, art project of ICONART offers a kind of pilgrimage - between traditional and modern culture, between person and people, between the holy and sinful, between word and image, as well as between an exhibition space of DZYGA gallery and ICONART gallery):

EXODUS/EXIT in Dzyga (Virmenska str., 35) presents paintings of ICONART gallery’s friends. Presented art reflects the idea of Exodus/Exit in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the church tradition. This art is read through human words (apocryphal, living and emotional) and God’s word (the Gospel, the fundamental and true).

EXODUS/EXIT in Iconart (Virmenska str., 26) is the starting point for the project. Yaroslava Tkachuk opens the Iconart gallery EXIT with HEAVEN DOORS - the image of the celestial world, from which a man came out, and to which he is longing to return.

EXODUS/EXIT in Dzyga (Virmenska str., 35 – “sotsialka”-wall) is a Mural EXIT/DEPARTURE by Sergiy Radkevych that is a reflection on Exodus/Exit by man within Christian culture.

Thus, together we will try to reflect on what EXIT/EXODUS means for Christians. And what interpretation of this idea offers us Scriptures, Icon, Tradition, Church, Man on whether see it in a negative, or a positive sense: escape or pilgrimage; defeat or the way to the kingdom; freedom or exile; punishment or salvation; active or passive action, open or closed territory? ...

Marichka Tsymbalista