Ulyana Tomkevych ANDANTE

Author: Ulyana Tomkevych

Venue: Lviv, 26 Virmenska Str.

Date: 2016-01-19 - 2016-02-14


Andante is walking slowly in Italian. An andante is a piece of music played in a moderately slow tempo. This music term most accurately describes both the process of painting an icon and this exposition in general.

Despite frenzied rhythm of modern life and endless flow of information and news, painting icons and contemplating them give us the opportunity of “andante” – walking slowly, remembering about real human values – Love, Truth, Mercy, Kindness and Beauty. 


I have worshipped God since early childhood thanks to my granny. I was the youngest child, so I was the most loved by her. I spent all my free time with her. I remember her taking her old Bible and reading it to me evenings. Some psalm or parable – always new. I was a little girl and perceived it as a fairytale, something sacred and mystical. 

I never planned to be an icon painter but now I thank the Lord for the path He has directed me.

Ulyana Tomkevych

Ulyana Tomkevych was born in 1981 in Lviv, Ukraine. Graduated from Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art named after I. Trush and Lviv National Academy of Arts (Department of Sacral Art). Icon painter. A member of The Ukrainian Iconographers Union. Participated in regional and international group exhibitions.







Photos by Zirka Savka