Oksana Reznik and Roman Gaydeychuk. EARTH

Author: Galyna Chorunzha, translation: Oksana Reznik

Venue: Lviv, Virmentska st. 26

Date: 2016-03-29 - 2016-04-17

The project represents two forms of intuitive and interpretative studies inspired by the subjective research of identity. The authors set focus points on a complete and in-depth research of time in all forms and the phenomenon of memory. Each of these groups of ideas successively and visually revealed through images, which related to empirical experience the individual practice of contemplation. Therefore, an important aspect of the project is a use of multivariate forms, which become a result of consistent construction or/and deconstruction in which combination and differentiation can happen in parallel planes and in some sort of coexistence. Also important that each author in their individual manner addressed to technical aspects of the visualization, both presented meta-modernist approach where “the artwork is not a full graphic series but rather one graphic artwork” and a trail of the Journey, fixed in mix of photography with the act of painting are the research of identity and belonging, discovery of the links between memory, time and place.