Slava Salyuk. Geography

Author: Anna Honcharuk, translator: Sofia Semenko

Venue: Lviv, Virmentska st. 26

Date: 2016-04-19 - 2016-05-08


Iconart Gallery invites you to visit the exhibition of Slava Salyuk's necklaces. In her new works, Slava departs somewhat from earlier, mostly Hutsul, motifs and shifts the emphasis from local images to global ones. This exhibition is the result of "delight in the unexpected but undeniable similarity of ethnic details, regardless of their geography, culture, civilization, religion and colour".


This is a journey to countries and continents where, in the most unexpected places, things and images magically overlap. An 18th-century Yemeni cross may well be mistaken for a cross made in Kyiv in the 13th century, and Coptic crosses from Ethiopia are very similar to motifs found on Hutsul chests or carved beams. "Strikingly similar ideas came to people at different times and in different places, and similar things were considered beautiful on the opposite sides of our planet. Perhaps, then, we can assume that beauty, after all, is not such a subjective attribute but actually is universal, completely objective, and not subject to time?"


The exhibition is a unique journey through time and space, showing differences yet similarities. The works underscore the unusual, perhaps somewhat mystical, connection among cultures whose paths have never crossed--from Nepal and Yemen to the Ukrainian Carpathians and Africa--but whose works share common symbols and images. Slava Slayuk's new works retain these unique elements of the past while interpreting them by weaving them into a contemporary context.