Alexander Kudriavchenko "Ocean"

Author: Alexander Kudriavchenko

Venue: Lviv, Virmentska st. 26

Date: 2016-06-14 - 2016-07-06

The ocean is the world, where colors, emotions and feelings are saturated, bright and clean like the nature itself in its primevalness.

The world, where the movements are smooth, slow, yet, they are not lack of their inner power and impetuosity.

The world, where music is almighty in all of its manifestations as if it itself has appeared from water depths.

Where the sound comes through the space with triple speed to reach our heart.

Where the heart sings and palpitates in tune with the nature.

Where I feel gravity of my thought and feebleness to recreate and to depict it.

The world, where the physical that seems heavy and clumsy becomes plastic and flexible, and, sometimes, elegant.

Where insignificant internecine event in the lives of subspecies develops absolutely dramatically and has very irreversible consequences changing, transforming and, in the same time, not violating by it the harmony of the global ocean.

Peering into the environment of life under the water, examining the organization of such an unpredictable world, where the reality can exceed even the most sophisticated fantasy, one can understand that the person needs other speeds, reactions and degrees to know all this. The world that we know and, in the same time, do not. We know because any part of the most unpredictable forms is reflected in ourselves. Moreover, of course, we absolutely have an access to the most fantastic information.

The information our imagination can only create. However, even the most daring splash of it has been incarnated in the depth of the ocean long time ago. We are surrounded with the numbers of the worlds. We are one of those worlds and come continually into contact with one another. Come into contact with the Universe that reminds us and, sometimes, we even do not notice that it totally wraps and engrosses us not changing our inner world and its structure, nevertheless, certainly, influencing them and leaving its mark on their internal and external appearance in the same time. In such a way, I feel the encounter, the contact with everyone of You: the Person, the Ocean, the Universe that are the essence of the Entity for me.


Alexander Kudriavchenko