Search for the classical elements. Bohdan Kucharskyy


Venue: Lviv, Virmentska st. 26

Date: 2016-11-07 - 2016-12-04


Venn diagrams. Mathematics basics – sets. Logical correlations on the diagrams. Possible ones – two raised to the N-power.

Kukharskyi diagrams. Classical elements – natural elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Ceramic is also one of the fundamentals. Earth, Clay, Adam, Eva. Ceramic – Earth – Water – Clay Firing – Fire. Corroded metal as an interaction between Fire, Earth, Water and Air. The Tree as a child of Earth, fed by Water, petted by Air. Plenty of art combinations.

However, in the beginning, was the Word. Dead matter – living spirit? Is it primary? Interaction. Movement. Life. PendLulum, as an ancient symbol in the kinetic sculptures of Bogdan. It moves back and forth with squeaks like wooden wheels. Or maybe like Trypillian clay wheels?

Triangles, symbols of God, are sprouting from this ancient chaos. Crosses are hidden among other classical elements. A cross entwined with a wire. A cross aimed at the sky, like a cross bow. Is Cross a symbol of the classical elements?
Venn diagrams. Kukharskyi diagrams. Search for the classical elements.