The exhibition "Springs" at Iconart Gallery

Author: Mariya Tsymbalista, project curator

Venue: Lviv, str. Virmentska 26

Date: 2017-04-11 - 2017-05-07


Sacral art is the reflection of the timeless and the perfect issues that remains inseparable from the spiritual world of the certain community and its time context, in the same time. Common work in the circle of the like-minded people outside of their usual work environment helps to save this sophisticated substance of prematureness and eternity to the artists in their art works in our intense time taking to the account the information, various bright images and sounds.


The art residence in Truskavets has become such an opportunity for Lviv icon painters since it has allowed concentrating on the creativity in new cultural and natural context to the artists. Within the framework of the SPRINGS, the participants of the project were able to choose the subject as well as the technique and the style of the work by the themselves, yet, the symbolism of water in the Christian culture has become the through-line of the plain-air. Besides, all the creative works had the same format, namely, 40х40 and 40х30 cm. The painters have succeeded to visualize the idea of the source and water in the united cultural, spiritual, historical and, even, local aspects – from the moment of the world creation and up to the contemporary Truskavets; from the Old Testament prophets, the apostles, the saints and up to the human person in her spiritual inquiries for the nowadays; from the stylistics of the Middle Ages icon and the traditions of folk art up to the contemporary painting and new formal experiments – as a result of the common work, discussions, creative and spiritual searches. All in the same breath, we can see these created by the artists images resonate with one another making the general platting of the bicker life-like water.


All in all, the author works can be nominally divided into few subject-based groups – the Old Testament and the New Testament subject matters, the images of Jesus Christ and Theotokos as well as the images of the saints. The images of the human being stylistically and iconographically inscribed into the theological problematics of a traditional icon compose a freestanding group.

Participants: Sofia Bilyk, Oleksandr Bryndikov, Andriy Vynnychok, Oksana Vynnychok, Roman Zilinko, Olya Kravchenko, Ostap Lozynskyy, Danylo Movchan, Ulyana Nyshchuk, Orest Rabyk, Natalya Rusetska, Ulyana Tomkevych