Ostap Lozynky. Disquiet. Sketches to landscape

Author: Ostap Lozynsky

Venue: Contemporary sacred art gallery "Iconart"

Date: 2017-10-21 - 2017-11-19

Painting, unlike icons, which at the level of the subconscious is a certain escape from the surrounding reality, search for the absolute, if to be honest, I do quite rarely. It is for me as a means of conversation. Contemplating life, the problems of man, its interaction with the world and the neighbor, with God, provoke me a lot of questions, on which extremely difficult to find some answers is (but is it necessary?) Only when it appears a need for a deeper dialogue, the means of painting help me in this.

In this project, I had a strong interest to create the painting space, in which we can enter and feel as a part of it. The landscape is a conditional name of space that is created with our help. We can change it with our actions, or we can contemplate it aside. The form of the sketch is decisive, because it allows the further correction, and what will be the further solution, depends only on us.
I do not like to explain or describe my works. The interpretation and understanding of the audience are much more important for me.