Natalka Shymin. Transformation

Author: Natalka Shymin

Venue: Contemporary sacred art gallery "Iconart"

Date: 2017-11-21 - 2017-11-29

The three works project.

The combination of the Ukrainian ornamentation and modern packing film, which often called as "bubble" or a film-antidepressant, takes inside a peculiar drama. The artworks fix... or no they are reminiscent of what is already gone... of the established and eternal world, which can easily be destroyed.

The interpretation of the traditional ornament in modern material sends us to the roots, encoded in the traditions genes... To the traditions of the continuation and transformation of today. The interpretation sends us to patterned textiles - a peaceful, cozy ... one that has the potential to evolve and fuse with Contemporary Art.

So, on the one hand – traditional art with all depth and symbolism, on the other – socially engaging art with a lightning-fast response to the demands of the present. But not what distinguishes them, but what combines them is the idea of ​​a project.

Natalka Shymin