Yuriy Smol’skyy: “The Premonition”

Author: Yuriy Smolskyy

Venue: 26 Virmenska Str., Lviv, Ukraine, 79008

Date: 2011-06-21 - 2011-07-17

The gallery “ICONART” represents creation of the young Lviv painter Yuriy Smol'skyy by the exhibition “The Premonition”. In the works offered for consideration of the viewers the artist develops the theme of crucifixion not so much as philosophical or theological, but as a problem of subjective perception of the viewer – the theme traditional to the European art gets unexpected interpretation in the works of Yuriy Smol'skyy.




"We’ve got used the direct linear perspective, however this perspective also dictates us certain moods, themes and forms - the artist says - in fact the same image, presented in a parallel perspective, where the lines can not converge in one point, sounds quite different. So for me the image method is closely related to the represented object - the crossed lines of the perspective are drama, or even tragedy, which tends to completion and further development. Exactly from such point, the crucifixion is the most felicitous theme.



Using means, traditional for the European painting, Yuriy Smol'skyy in his art comes across interesting, and sometimes unexpected findings – the crucifixion in his works appears not only as a historical event, or an iconography subject, but as universal apocalyptic vision and still be very private, personal event.

Video from the exhibition launch can be viewed at: