Maryna Ignatieva "On the Verge"

Author: Maryna Ignatieva

Venue: Lviv, Virmenska Str. 26

Date: 2013-09-17 - 2013-10-09

A person is a project that always is in the state of being elaborated and improved. Every moment we meet situations, in which we are expected to make a choice. And that is when a person makes steps toward good or evil, gets a chance to become a creator of one’s own fate. To make a choice is not easy; nevertheless, this is not its realization that makes us scared but the results that will be caused by it.The brightest manifestations, the clearest signs that will persuasively prove one or another characteristic appear just in “boundary situations”, when a hero is deprived of the invisible protective zone and is unbarred, and his or her essence is brought out.











You can visit the exhibition of paintings by Maryna Ignatieva from 17 September to 10 October in the Contemporary sacred art Gallery "ICONART" at 26 Virmenska Str., Lviv, 79008, Ukraine from 12am - 7 pm every day except Monday.

Foto by Larysa Smirnova