19.05.2011 - 15.06.2011

Oksana Romaniv-Triska: "Behind the other side of glass"

In different periods of world culture the art of glass had been presented differently - it could be a decoration, sculpture, stained glass window, or even an icon. In each case, the glass would maintain its amazing property – to alter the colour. In combination with glass a colour creates a light harmony, which is hard to find in other types of art.

17.04.2011 - 15.05.2011

Lyuba Yatskiv "An Icon"

By the exhibition “An Icon”, the gallery “ICONART” presents creative works of Lviv icon-painter Lyuba Yatskiv. The theme of the Passion and Resurrection permeates the whole exhibition space, where the Crucifix of Christ is a central image.

20.02.2011 - 08.04.2011

"The Light in Darkness"

The icons of the studio “The Heaven on the Earth” (Mykolaiv) in the offered exhibition are presented not in a usual exhibition or temple space (with lamps, candles), but seem to appear from darkness. Aiming to attract viewers to the modern icon, Mykolaiv icon-painters resorted to untraditional interior design of the exposition hall. Instead of usual bright light visitors are welcomed to the scantily lit room and offered pocket flashlights to light up works presented at the exhibition.

19.12.2010 - 31.01.2011

Olga Kovtun and Andriy Kovalenko: The vision of the Baroque

The painting of young Kyiv artists Olga Kovtun and Andriy Kovalenko exceptionally well represents new interpretations of Ukrainian Baroque Art, for which Mykola Storozhenko studio of the monumental painting and temple culture is well-known.

20.10.2010 - 28.11.2010

Вечеря. Квадрат

Завершилася виставка Миколи Молчана "Вечеря. Квадрат". На завершення - інтерв'ю Миколи в газеті Ратуша — про ікону і сакральний живопис, про Юду й Петра, про Леонардо да Вінчі, Казимира Малевича й Андрія Рубльова.

14.02.2010 - 14.03.2010

Between The Nativity and the Resurrection

February 14 - March 14, in Lviv, 10 Ruska Str. the exhibition "Between the Nativity and the Resurrection. Ivanka Krypyakevych-Dymyd. Icon and Around It” was held. The exhibition exposed the icon of the Nativity and icons on glass reflecting the theological and iconographic combination of the Nativity and the Resurrection themes.

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