Ulyana Tomkevych



Date: 2018-06-06 - 2018-07-01


Faith is not a conception, is a person’s way. No unit model of faith exists, which could be universal for everyone. What is apparent for someone is not evident for another one.

Thomas had his way – with doubt and desire for truth. His idea was understood just by a small people circle. Sometimes those, who supposed to believe, can’t understand disbelief of other. The way of faith goes through the doubts though. This way is not an easy one; it is full of pain, suffering, and disappointments. However, all these difficulties clean the trunk of our faith and celebrate us as human beings – intelligent and thinking.

God understands Thomas. He comes as an answer to the doubt and searching. God meekly passes through the closed door of our world-view settings and limitations, so that we truly believe in Him.

Experience of Thomas – the way of the curious person. Namely, the concept of "faith" indicates a mysterious particular projection of God – the heart of man. This is a very intimate and trembling process.

Byzantine hymnographers call the disbelief of Tom blissful. Perhaps, because of Thomas so clearly recognizes the Risen as Lord God. Before him, nobody did it so expressively. Jesus Christ is a Lord of the Life!

Thomas is the answer to our searches. The answer is. It was gotten by sincere and curious Thomas, forever preserving for himself a title "disbeliever".

The grace of the Holy Spirit is a beacon; it can heal pesky claims of our rationality and lead a natural way, building a bridge between ration and faith: "Blessed are those who have not seen but believed."

Luka Mykhaylovych