Ivanka Krypyakevych-Dymyd

was born on 1968 in Lviv, Ukraine.


1981-1984 - Lviv Children Art School;

1984-1988 - Lviv College of Applied Art, Department of Artistic Painting;

1988-1992 - Lviv Institute of Applied Art, Department of Monumental Decorative Painting;

1997-1999 - Lecturer at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Sacral Art;

2000 - Artist at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

A Laureate of the Vasyl Stus Prize.

Personal interests:

Origins of Art.

Harmony of form and content.

Ukrainian art of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Dialog between the Church and art.

Artistic priorities:

To draw the truth.

Major creative works:

  1. «The Crucifixion with red squares» for the St. Michael Church (Lviv, 1991).
  2. «The Theotokos of Tenderness» for the St. Michael Church (Lviv, 1991).
  3. «Pieta» (Lviv, 1992).
  4. Painting the Chapel of St. Sophia the Wisdom of God (St. Catharines - Canada, 1992).
  5. Icons of the Sovereign tier for the Chapel of Lviv Theological Academy (Lviv, 1993).
  6. «A crucifix with St. Vincent» for the St. Joseph Church (Lviv, 1993).
  7. The iconostasis and lamp stand with twelve icons for the refectory of the St. Onuphrius Monastery (Lviv, 1993-1997).
  8. «New Martyrs» for St. George's Cathedral (Lviv, 2001).
  9. «Autumn Theotokos» (Lviv, 2003).
  10. «Easter Wisdom» (Lviv, 2004).
  11. «The Crucifixion of the King of Glory» for the Chapel of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, 2005).
  12. The iconostasis  for the Chapel of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, 2005-2007).
  13. «The wedding at Cana of Galilee » (Hlyniany, 2005).
  14. «The Pastor of Majdanek» (Lublin, 2006).
  15. The iconostasis for the St. Clement, Pope Church (Lviv, 2009).
  16. «The Nativity of Jesus» (Lviv, 2010).


  1. The Exhibition of Young Artists (Lviv, the Palace of Art, 1989).
  2. The Autumn Meeting (Lviv, the Palace of Art, 1994).
  3. That they all may be one (Lviv, the National Museum, 2007).
  4. The Heaven on the Earth (Kyiv, Ivan Honchar Museum, 2009).
  5. The World of the Icon (Lviv, the Ukrainian Catholic University, 2009).
  6. Contemporary Ukrainian Icons (Kyiv, Hlibnia exhibition hall, 2009).
  7. Between the Nativity and the Resurrection (Lviv, the ICONART Gallery, 2010).

Personal credo:

God is alive!

About me:

My first steps in an art I undertook with my mother. My teachers were: Karlo Zvirynskyy, Volodymyr Ovsiychuk, Eugene Lysyk, Levko Shchur, Stephan Kostyrka, Mykola Skybinskyy.

In my opinion, talent is not enough, and ... knowledge is not enough either. One should live with an icon in one’s mind. For me, painting an icon is something incredibly exciting. An icon is my language through which I am learning and glorifying God.

I am married to Priest Mykhaylo Dymyd, who is the engine of my creativity. God gave us five children.

I am fortunate to have spiritual, deep and genuine people in my life.