29.10.2013 - 24.11.2013

"Raceme" Uliana Nyshchuk-Borysiak

We see fragment of Interceding Mother of God, next to Her Grand Theotokos and distant George, that conquers dragon, then it looks like we see almost whole figure of Archangel Michael or great martyr Barbara and suddenly all hides and our eyes are focused on flowers ornamenting dresses of saints, next moment face of greybeard Nicholas is watching us very closely…

11.10.2013 - 27.10.2013

Виставка «Покров Пресвятої Богородиці»

«Українська спілка іконописців» презентує тематичну виставку «Покров Пресвятої Богородиці». Від княжого часу тема опіки Богородиці над українським народом мала особливу популярність та особливий розвиток. Свято Покрови стало національним святом українського народу та війська.

17.09.2013 - 09.10.2013

Maryna Ignatieva "On the Verge"

A person is a project that always is in the state of being elaborated and improved. Every moment we meet situations, in which we are expected to make a choice. And that is when a person makes steps toward good or evil, gets a chance to become a creator of one’s own fate. To make a choice is not easy; nevertheless, this is not its realization that makes us scared but the results that will be caused by it.

30.08.2013 - 15.09.2013

"Icon. Relic" Kristof Sokolovski

Kristof Sokolowski belongs to those artists who represented own spiritual experience by the means of the contemporary art. On this basis he created radical personal visual language which united the meditation of the icon painter with the interest of researcher. Sokolowski actualizes the Christian iconography and at the same time he changes the access to the religious image. The artist perceives the religious image not as the object of veneration but as the controversial point of one`s own moral persuasions.

06.08.2013 - 28.08.2013

«The part of the whole»

“To feel in real the sacral space is possible only through the experience of perfect integrality”.

09.07.2013 - 04.08.2013

Natalia Rusetska. "In front of Myself"

Natalia Rusetska’s works feature a simplicity and depth. These qualities in sacred art is easy to imitate, but extremely difficult to achieve their sincere and direct representation. Natalia Rusetska succeeds it. Her works can not be confused with works of other artists not only because of individual expressive visual language, but primarily because of the deep emotions of the present.Rusetska’s icons are almost paradoxical: they exhibit God, but do not describe Him nor talk about Him.

12.06.2013 - 25.07.2013

Exhibition at the U.S. Embassy

У Посольстві США в Україні 13 червня відкрилася виставка робіт художників, які співпрацюють з Львівською галереєю сучасного сакрального мистецтва ICONART.


Виставка колекції галереї

18.06.2013-09.07.2013 галерея Iconart запрошує на виставку творів колекції галереї. Представлені автори: Іванка Крип'якевич-Димид, Люба Яцків, Оксана Романів-Тріска, Оксана Андрущенко, Наталя Русецька, Петро Гуменюк,Тарас Лозинський, Остап Лозинський, Оля Кравченко, Уляна Нищук-Борисяк, Роман Зілінко, Олександр Антонюк, Тетяна Думан, Софія Білик.

17.05.2013 - 09.06.2013

Denysenko Oleh. "THE GOLDEN MEAN"

...Black and White, Fire and Ice, Day and Night, Good and Evil... These polar concepts are not able to exist without each other - giving us an opportunity and a chance to estimate and to choose, and possibly to find. To find a truth, which exists somewhere in the middle. The truth is almost impossible to understand, it can only try to touch, and very often this attempt becomes a deal of life and it's sense ...

23.04.2013 - 15.05.2013

"The necklace". Slava Salyuk and Lyubart Lishchyns’kyi.

Jewelry, created by Lyubart Lishchyns’kyi and Slava Salyuk, originates from Ukrainian traditions, especially from the hutsulian zgardas. However, the attraction of jewelry also lies in multicultural character of almost each piece of art. The string of each necklace is not only a link between generations, but also a bridge between Ukraine and a whole world.

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