18.11.2014 - 14.12.2014

Ivanka Krypyakevych-Dymyd “QUIET LIGHT”

Five squares are representing the figures of poets, artists, soldiers, musicians and priests who have passed the Apocalypse of tests by their lives on the Ukrainian soil. Some of them I knew personally: Fr. Ivan Hrenyoh, Ivan Svitlychny, Zenoviy Krasivskyi, Fr. Artemiy Tsehelskyi (my grandfather). These people continue to shine and to give witness through the distance of time. This is soft light of the Presence: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

21.10.2014 - 16.11.2014


During the Anaphora of the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, in response of the priest commemorating saints of the Heavenly Church and living hierarchs of the Earthly Church, community of faithful is concluding his prayer with words: And of All Mankind (in Cyrillic – I Vsich I Vse (of EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING). To some extent, self-criticism of the Church is appeared in this expression, because the Church is conscious that the sacrifice of Christ was made not only for the merits of all the saints, but primarily for the redemption of sins of every person.

23.09.2014 - 19.10.2014


Windows demonstrate historical and symbolic link with the past. And the same frames and everything that is in them - those are saved remains, some value categories that we have lost or are losing now. The "Windows" project is a nostalgia for the past, and at the same time - a view into the future... It is a picky contemporary look that hopes to see through ancient glass a perspective of own history...

29.08.2014 - 21.09.2014

Unfading flower. Folk tradition in modern iconography

Blossom of Ukrainian folk culture is an icon of its bloomed crosses, smiling martyrs, Jesus Christ – the child, St. Nicholas – the Father, Almighty Intercession, all-conquering George and all the saints flowered in roses, suns, bright colors. Simple man with his emotional and naive faith in God - Kindness, Love, Life, inspired by traditional church culture for centuries created vivid images in people's engraving, house icon on the board, on canvas, on glass...

29.07.2014 - 24.08.2014


Sophisticated coloring, natural stylization, delicate painting of details give weightlessness to works of Natalya Rusets’ka, very pointful in scenes of sacred subjects. Once having tried different techniques and technologies she has returned to classic, tested for centuries, egg yolk tempera that gives matchless opportunities for an artist who likes to work gently and carefully.

01.07.2014 - 27.07.2014


Tender Strength is what strikes one who looks at these images of Christian holy women. Look at their faces, in their eyes, read their lives and you will wonder at how much can mean faith, hope and the love of God.The Mother of God and 12 holy women of different historical periods, vocation and lifestyle can become for us apostles of tender strength, endurance and courage. ‘Holy’ in biblical language means both ‘dedicated to God’ and ‘different’. Holy women bear courageous witness of being different in their life for God and for their fellow humans.

03.06.2014 - 29.06.2014

Ivanka Demchuk Forty days on Earth

In accordance with Christian doctrine, the ascension of Christ happened forty days after His resurrection, but until that time He walked the earth and appeared to His disciples. Those were the last days of Christ among humans, so they are especially important and are described by all the evangelists, although mostly by John the Evangelist.The last days of Christ among humans was not just a time of His farewell with His disciples, but also a period of instructions and promises, not only for them, but for all humanity.

06.05.2014 - 01.06.2014

Olya Kravchenko "The World"

The exhibition will represent a collection of the artist's interpretations on the important stories from the Old and New Testaments that create the foundation of the Christian cosmology. These works lead us from heavenly status and later disobedience of Adam and Eve through the punishment with the Great Flood and the reunion with God to the birth of the Son of God - the New Adam and His life-giving death on the cross.

08.04.2014 - 04.05.2014

Ostap Lozynsky "The Way"

How a symbol can reveal a phenomenon? How a color may convey tension? How a composition can express confusion? How a form can bring peace? Art-project of Ostap Lozynsky "The Way" offers you some answers to this questions, immersing the viewer in the sacred space of painting.

21.02.2014 - 31.03.2014


Dear Friends, Thanks to you, we have raised 60,800 UAH, which were transferred for the medical treatment of victims on the Maidan. But as you know, help is needed hereinafter now for our military, so the action continues. List of works is continuously updated. All funds received will go to the needs of the military. Please spread a word among your friends who may wish to support democratic changes in Ukraine.

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